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We’re moving! The birth of

juli 4, 2013

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Hi girls!

Today marks a special day…. As you have probably noticed, I have not been very active with this blog for the last couple of months, which is because of several reasons. Firstly, I was very busy with graduating and doing extra things for my studies over the last couple of months. I had to write my bachelor thesis, participated in a business project in Warsaw, applied for internships ánd applied for my master’s. I got an 8 on my thesis, which I did on the geographical dispersion of the success of e-commerce, and whether or not this was related to the theory of cultural tightness- and looseness, and got accepted for my master’s at the Rotterdam School of Management, the best business school in the Netherlands! Today, I had my very last exam, so it was about time to start something new.

On that, I was planning for a long time. I was not satisfied with how things went with this blog, mainly because it’s growth was restricted by the inability to claim my own domain name (I was not smart enough to claim it when I started my blog so… yeah.. then something like this may happen). Therefore, I was considering starting with something completely new for a long time. For the past few months, I have been working on my new project silently, whenever I was able to find some time. Right now, it is – almost – exactly how I like it to be, and what is a more perfect moment to put it online then right when I graduate?!

If everything goes correctly, you, my followers, will automatically be moved to the new account on Bloglovin’, so there is nothing that you have to do! Nonetheless, it may take a little time, so in the meantime you can access and check for updates by going to

The new blog will be written from a slightly different angle, though. I noticed that, for myself, I got uninterested in all kind of blogs that just basically portray consumerism and materialism, which only left me with a bad feeling of wanting more and more, everything that they also seemed to have. In my opinion, a blog to be proud of, should leave your readers with a positive feeling, it must be a place they go to when they want a moment to relax and  a moment of inspiration. A blog you don’t only visit when your Bloglovin’ blogroll shows an update, but also when you want a true feelgood moment. Therefore, I try to focus less on consumerism, by also adding lifestyle content. Of course, fashion and particularly outfitposts, will stay the predominantly focus of the blog, and yes… that is closely connected to materialism.. however, I hope you all can see is as a creative expression as well. In the end, I love fashion and clothes, but I don’t want to have or create the feeling that you always desire more and more. With the things that you have, and some additional items, you can come a long way. Besides, I just enjoy taking photos too much 😉

Anyway, I hope to see all of you, and many more, back on Dutch Fashion Girl!

Love and kisses,


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