Spring naar inhoud

Trends spring/summer ’12

Almost as famous as the September issue, are the March issues with all the new trends of the upcoming summer. It’s all about coming season’s next look and analyses. But we bloggers can do that too! It takes one hell lot of work (checking ALL the shows, writing down what’s in them, analysing it and determining the trends, finding back pictures of the trends en put it all together in a report) but at the same time also a lot of fun. So here I present Save My Wardrobe’s trend report, enjoy!

Prints in general are one of the major ‘things’ of coming season, but the paisley prints – together with the floral prints – are also sneaking out of grandma’s closet. It’s probably something you have to get used to a little before you’re gonna like it, but I promise you that this trend is a good one. I especially like it on suits (Zara has some great ones!) and luxury fabrics such as silk. When worn with some great black, heeled sandals for example you prohibit it from becoming boring or old-fashioned.

Another rather strange trend this season is the pyjama party trend. I recently bought such trousers myself (first outfit here) and I think I am kinda addicted to it now. It can look slouchy, I agree.. however, when taken care of and worn with the right materials and accesoiries (e.g. those great heeled sandals I also mentioned for paisley prints) it can look really casual chic in my opinion. Also, some girly details like nailpolish and some pink lipstick or gloss can work wonders in this case. Also: blazers are an instant ‘chic up’ piece! It definitely is something you either hate or love, but still: you are gonna be surprised about how your opinion can switch about this one! What do you think? 


We heard about it quite some times already and ELLE Holland even dedicated their style awards to the theme. The flapper girl, marked by her boyish silhouette, dresses with low waistline and heavy make-up is making a serious come back this spring. Perfect for girls with a quite straight, model-like figure.. these dresses look amazing on you! For me it is not really something that fits my figure perfectly, however, it is still a great inspiration. Famous flapper girls are for example Joan Crawford, Clara Bow and Zelda Fitzgerald. In our time, we have Kate Moss who regularly wears outfit inspired by the style of those remarkable flapper girls.


Where we had the bright colours for colourblocking last year, a trend of which we are all quite tired I guess, it is now all about the pastels. Ok.. with some hints of neon every now and then, but the emphasis is without a doubt on lovely soft yellow, mints, corals and light blue. Also with those you can do an amazing colour blocking job, since it does not look agressive or mismatched soon. It is perfect to create a romantic look and also matches perfectly with most of the other trends like suits, the twenties style and floral prints. Planning on buying some pastels? I would advise you to go for a pastel coloured jeans (available everywhere, but H&M has some great ones!) which can be paired with rather all your tops! Lavender, light-blue and soft yellow are my personal favourites, what are yours? :)

Quite different, but at the same time really cool is the sporty trend. We saw it being sent down the runway several times and especially 3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang seem to encourage us to hit the gym a little more often ;) Of course you do not have to go outside in your training suit and some running shoes, but sublte hints towards it, e.g. in the form of a perforated top can make a great difference to your look. It makes you look twice at an outfit, not understanding it completely at the first glance. And that is exactly what you want to achieve, right? Doing something unusual, unexpected but which turns out to look great. A cap or sporty jacket can have the same effect by the way. Pair it with more luxury materials such as silk, knitwear or chiffon, with a suit or chic pants instead of jeans and experience the effect.

It was Chanel’s main theme, and other designers also hinted to the wonderful world of mermaids. Silver, seashells, whites, pearls, glitter and different shades of blue.. it made us dream about the time we watched Disney’s ‘the little mermaid’ like almost every day. And tell me: what is a better theme for the season when we hang around the pool and sea non-stop?! Maybe with some well-tanned hot men and cold Cosmopolitans instead of Ursula and Flounder, but still..

I mentioned it before, and perhaps you have spotted in the magazines and tons of other blogs already, the suit, and in particular the floral suit is HOT. Mixing and matching prints, wearing it all together, nothing seems strange or weird enough. You will probably scare away all the men in your life, but yeah.. fashion is fashion ;) I love it, especially the Prabal Gurung and Peter Pilotto looks, and if you like it as well: don’t be afraid to show so and just wear it! Summer is the ultimate time to try things you would not do or wear otherwise!

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