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We’re moving! The birth of DutchFashionGirl.com

juli 4, 2013

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Hi girls!

Today marks a special day…. As you have probably noticed, I have not been very active with this blog for the last couple of months, which is because of several reasons. Firstly, I was very busy with graduating and doing extra things for my studies over the last couple of months. I had to write my bachelor thesis, participated in a business project in Warsaw, applied for internships ánd applied for my master’s. I got an 8 on my thesis, which I did on the geographical dispersion of the success of e-commerce, and whether or not this was related to the theory of cultural tightness- and looseness, and got accepted for my master’s at the Rotterdam School of Management, the best business school in the Netherlands! Today, I had my very last exam, so it was about time to start something new.

On that, I was planning for a long time. I was not satisfied with how things went with this blog, mainly because it’s growth was restricted by the inability to claim my own domain name (I was not smart enough to claim it when I started my blog so… yeah.. then something like this may happen). Therefore, I was considering starting with something completely new for a long time. For the past few months, I have been working on my new project silently, whenever I was able to find some time. Right now, it is – almost – exactly how I like it to be, and what is a more perfect moment to put it online then right when I graduate?!

If everything goes correctly, you, my followers, will automatically be moved to the new account on Bloglovin’, so there is nothing that you have to do! Nonetheless, it may take a little time, so in the meantime you can access and check for updates by going to http://www.dutchfashiongirl.com.

The new blog will be written from a slightly different angle, though. I noticed that, for myself, I got uninterested in all kind of blogs that just basically portray consumerism and materialism, which only left me with a bad feeling of wanting more and more, everything that they also seemed to have. In my opinion, a blog to be proud of, should leave your readers with a positive feeling, it must be a place they go to when they want a moment to relax and  a moment of inspiration. A blog you don’t only visit when your Bloglovin’ blogroll shows an update, but also when you want a true feelgood moment. Therefore, I try to focus less on consumerism, by also adding lifestyle content. Of course, fashion and particularly outfitposts, will stay the predominantly focus of the blog, and yes… that is closely connected to materialism.. however, I hope you all can see is as a creative expression as well. In the end, I love fashion and clothes, but I don’t want to have or create the feeling that you always desire more and more. With the things that you have, and some additional items, you can come a long way. Besides, I just enjoy taking photos too much 😉

Anyway, I hope to see all of you, and many more, back on Dutch Fashion Girl!

Love and kisses,


The unmaterialistic side of giving perfumes for Valentine’s Day

februari 1, 2013

Although many people find choosing perfume as a gift for meaningful – or less meaningful, the choice’s up to you – occasions such as anniversaries, celebrations and commercialized days such as Valentine’s Day (which I personally love, not as for the least reason that it’s my birthday), evidence for the lack of inspiration/effort/dedication. I am not like that. I love perfume, I love the stories it both makes you imagine when you smell it (a sexy, heavy perfume can make you feel like a femme fatale, whereas a sweet and powdery perfume can make you feel free, innocent, fresh, happy and light, for example) and the stories that it is going to represent. It is like giving future memories to someone else, since the perfume will always remember you of that person, or that one special moment when you wore it.

I’ve heard of people who cannot stand a certain perfume anymore ever since the person that it represents died, or the perfume that you wore during a dark period in your life. I’ve heard of people who cherish a particulair bottle of perfume because it reminds them of a special person, moment or period in their lives. It is like an invisible photo. People often say that a photo can capture a moment, but not an emotion. A perfume can. It captures it all, and especially the emotions. Isn’t it great to give something like that to a special someone? To give them the future memories that you will share, in a partly tangible and materialistic way and partly intangible and, therefore, unmaterialistic…

Below I’ll guide you through my One’s and Only’s. Soon my favourites for men 🙂

Edit: It’s a bit hard to read. Click on the image to enlarge 🙂 I’m sorry!

perfume valentine's

On wearing glitter Uggs

januari 30, 2013

glitter uggs

Leggings – Tiger of Sweden | Silver sparkle Uggs here | grey blouse – Zara | Coat – Tiger of Sweden | Clutch – Mi Lajki | perfume – Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

glitter uggs2

Pink sparkle Uggs here | jeans – 7 for all mankind | jacket – Tiger of Sweden | earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane | perfume – Florabotanica by Balenciaga | watch – Michael Kors | ipad cover worn as clutch – Jensen

glitter uggs3Blouse – Abercrombie & Fitch | blue sparkle Uggs here | Jeans – Cheap Monday | watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs | glasses – Linda Farrow Luxe | earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane | perfume – Madly by Kenzo

I know, I know… nothing sounds less fashionable and seems to scream harder fashion faux pas than the words ‘UGGs’ and ‘glitter’ might do together. Nonetheless, I’d like to point out to you that it can look super, super cute, as I found out while visiting the Ugg stores in both Washington D.C. and New York past fall. The girls in the store wore them so incredibly fashionable that I almost broke down and almost bought a pair myself.

If you’d ask me, the key to wearing these tricky shoes – that are ooooh so warm and comfortable now that it’s so cold outside – is to keep it classy and tight. No boyfriend jeans and anything else oversized, but tight jeans or leggings and a blouse, tailored jacket or maybe a perfect (tailored!) knit to pair it with.

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Outfit 2901’12 | Preparing for Spring

januari 29, 2013









Jeans – H&M Spring/Summer 2013 | shoes – Nelly | top – H&M Spring/Summer 2013 | jacket – Kiss Therapy | watch – Michael Kors

In my last free week before uni and the whole hectic life starts again, I’m working on some large projects that I’m hoping to inform you more about coming spring. Also, I’m tryng to catch up a little (and when I say a little that’s exactly what it is, haha) with my Spanish and also try to read a book or more. Spending a whole day reading a good book, sitting in a chair with a fluffy blanket, some tea and chocolate, can be so, SO good sometimes!

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Spring/summer 2013 | The Wishlist!

januari 26, 2013

summer wishlist so farSkirt – H&M | espadrilles – Tom’s | bra – H&M | perfume – Balenciaga’s Florabotanica | skirt – Zara | sneakers – Isabel Marant | blouse – Zara

It’s about time to start thinking about the summer wishlists, or at least, in my opinion. Now that the sale is almost over, and we stocked up on the last warm, cozy sweaters (that we will probably wear till mid May, having some knowledge about the Dutch summers..), I love to look forward and examine the spring collections that start hitting the stores. In my mind, I have some wishlist ready, just to guide myself through all eventual purchases next season 😉

I’d love to add a little western to my wardrobe, and what’s better for that than this gorgeous H&M skirt (not yet in stores). Also, a trend hard to avoid this spring, are the espadrilles. I almost bought a really cool pair last summer in Italy, and I hate myself for not doing it in the end! (You see, when in doubt, you should always opt for ‘yes’ ;)). I’d love to own my own pair of Chanel espadrilles, but seriously, about 300 euros is waaayy to much in my opinion. Maybe not for a Chanel item, but definitely for a pair of shoes that will get covered in sand dust and other things summer comes with (I am sure I will spill a hot pink cocktail over them or something like that). Also, I want to buy my very first pair of designer sunglasses, probably some from Super Sunglasses or Miu Miu and also a leather jacket (forgot to add a pic) should really be something to FINALLY add to my wardrobe. Seriously, how have I been able to AVOID buying one for so long?! Also, I have a perfume addiction and would looove to extend my collection with this new treasure by Balenciaga. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do so soon!

Finally, the skirt and blouse are my favourite items from the new Zara collection, I am really planning on adding them to my wardrobe. And … I would like to extend my wedge-sneaker collection (I only own one, as far as you can  legitimately call that a collection, haha!) with a bright red pair, they’re sooo goreous…

What’s on your lists?

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