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July’s outfits

augustus 19, 2012

A leopard cannot change its spots

Ultimate Relaxation

How much print is too much print?

Take me to the horse races

Blogger turns ballet dancer




Pisa + San Gimignano

Somewhere in July




Let’s say better late than never.. It’s halfway August already and I only just yesterday finished showing you my outfits from Croatia and Italy. The month July was all about relaxation for me due to those heavenly trips that made me able to collect myself again after a busy year at uni and from all the stress that comes with my upcoming study abroad. Discovering new places (nature, food, culture, languages, people..) is one of my most favourite things to do which for I decided I definitely should try to make more (small) trips in the coming years. There’s still so much I want to see! Well ok, here are my outfits from July, do you have a favourite? I think I might go for ‘Volterra’ and ‘Ultimate relaxation’!


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  1. mitrfriend permalink
    augustus 19, 2012 15:45

    Absolutely great outfits! Each n everyone of those!!!
    Came here blog hopping & loved your blog.
    Do drop by my blogs sometime. And do follow if you like! 🙂
    COLOR SPLASH with accessories!

    • augustus 20, 2012 16:23

      Oh thank you for the compliment! I’ll definitely pay them a visit anytime soon 🙂

  2. augustus 19, 2012 20:30

    Ik heb echt een heleboel outfits gemist, jammer genoeg! Maar “Take me to the horse races” is echt favoriet, helemaal mijn stijl en smaak 😉 !

    • augustus 20, 2012 16:22

      Haha het is ook zulk lekker weer! Ik zit zelf ook niet zoveel achter de laptop nu. Ach, als het straks weer regent etc heb je tijd genoeg om het allemaal in te halen, haha 😉

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